Photo by Jay Trinidad.

Photo by Jay Trinidad.

I have worked with children of all ages for my entire life. Educating children on an organic farm has added a depth as only real farm work can do. In my photography I capture the lessons and beauty I find in nature while going about my work. I sincerely wish that my books and images will delight and surprise you and inspire you to (re)connect with your world.

If you want to know what
cherries and berries taste like,
ask the children and sparrows.
— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

What I Believe in

Children need to grow up and learn that the world is good and beautiful, and that beauty and goodness can be found everywhere.

  • Let's get excited about doing things with our hands. Becoming masters of the physical world allows one's dreams to materialize.

  • To learn a craft you need practice. I give children the chance to learn and apply new physical skills, while building confidence through repetition and positive language.

  • Mistakes are necessary things to learn from and skills are things you practice.

  • Girls can lift heavy things too, and do intense tasks just as well as boys can. When I teach the practical use of leverage, girls' confidence starts to soar.

  • Developing trust and maintaining respect for each other outside of learned biases.

  • This ongoing experiment of mine has proven a few things, most importantly this: Life is what you make it. If you want every moment of your life to be full of wonder and inspiration, you must design your daily life so that it provides you with an ever-streaming collection of inspiration and wonder. Once you’ve made this a practice in your daily life you will have realized every dream you’ve ever wished come true. Every child needs to believe it is possible for them, too.